sexta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2009

from the holidays III

Aljezur (Portuguese pronunciation: [aɫʒɨˈzuɾ]) is a municipality in Portugal with a total area of 323.5 km² and a total population of 5,322 inhabitants. The word is derived from the Arabic word "Aljuzur" (الجزر), the plural of island.The municipality is composed of 4 parishes, and is located in the District of Faro[1].The municipal holiday is August 29.

Porto Covo is one of the two civil parishes (freguesias) in the municipality of Sines. It is located in the western coast of Portugal, about 170 km from Lisbon and is well known for its beaches. The name "Porto Covo" probably means Port of the covos, where a covo is a kind of fishing nest for capturing lobsters and crabs.

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