segunda-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2010

My aunt Maria

Last night, after put the kids to bed, and while trying to get to sleep i started thinking about people in my family that could have influenced me in this craft addiction. My mind went some years back when I suddenly remember someone really sweet that keep me company in my childhood and teens. I remember my grandmother sister which I learned to call “tia outra” in Portuguese something like “the other aunt”, she was named like this by a nephew that couldn’t spell her name right, since they were two ants living together this was the way he found to solved his problem. Her real name was Maria, a simple name like herself.
Well my aunt never got married and she was one of the most intelligent woman i have ever met, not for not getting married of course lol.

She learned to read by herself on old newspapers that people throw away. She was a great cook and most of all she had a really good taste in clothes; she made her one cloths and sleepers. She always wears aprons made of fabric pieces at home and others more "chic" when she went out. She had an old singer sewing machine but a lot of the work was made by hand sewing. She made my dolls clothes some by knitting others on her sewing machine.

With her i learn how to pray, sometimes i even help her taking care of the wool from the sheep’s, she raised sheep’s, and with her i plant my first garden plants. Yes, if the fact of enjoying so much crafts has something to do with genetic I’m sure that it´s from her that i get this genes.

This post is a bit long for the usual posts in my blog,hope you have a great week.
Thanks’ for visiting.

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ale disse...

hola!!your aunt maria sure will be very happy and very proud of you not only for all the beautys you learn from her but for all the love that are in these words and remembers!!beautifull post and beautifull for sharing it!!besos form buenos aires!

carlab disse...

Hola Ale :)

gracias por tus palavras. Xoxo


gretelies disse...

thank you ... for the "maria" post ...

best wishes